How To: Space Invaders Christmas Ornaments

Space invader pixel ornament christmas decoration Hama bead
I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have fond memories of playing Space Invaders as a kid, so why not add a little geek nostalgia to the tree this Christmas with some colourful Space Invaders ornaments. This set of four ornaments are simple to make with Hama (also known as perler) beads, and can we whipped up in less than an hour.
Pixel space invader pattern
I love playing with Hama beads, they are so versatile and lend themselves perfectly to pixelated patterns.
What are Hama beads? I’m glad you asked.
Hama Beads are small plastic beads/tubes that are placed one by one on a pegboard and then ironed until the beads are fused together. They are available at some craft stores, online and even IKEA.
Supplies are relatively inexpensive so this would be great fun to make with the kids, Just make sure you do the ironing.
Geek Christmas ornaments
A little while ago I created these Christmas decorations for for Crafttuts+, you can find the full patterns and instructions over there.


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