DIY Shoe Wings

Ever wanted to feel a little lighter on your feet? Isn’t it obvious, just add wings to your shoes.

shoes with wings made from fabric

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This project was directly inspired by Jeremy Scott’s winged shoes for adidas, pretty groovy sneakers but not quite my style. Here is how to make your own set of wings that will fit ladies or kids size shoes.

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I have created a template for the shoe wings, feel free to use it or draw up your own.

To print click on the image, and save to your computer. Open in a program like paint (PC) or preview (mac) and print to original size. You may need to adjust your printer settings to get the sizing just right.

You will need:

How to:

1. Print and cut out your template.

2. To prepare your padded fabric, sandwich the fusible web between the cotton fabric and the batting and iron to bond.

3. Repeat on the other side of batting.

4. Trace your wing template onto the fabric, flip the template (mirror image) and trace again. You should have 2 wing patterns that are mirror images of each other.

5. Using a narrow zig zag stitch, stitch over the line markings, taking special care around curves. You may like to practice on a scrap piece first.

How to sew fabric wings for shoes

6. Cut away excess fabric, taking care not to cut into the stitching.

7. Now you need to mark where the lace holes are going to go.

8. Using your eyelet tool, make holes where marked and fasten your eyelets (as per pack instructions)

How to sew fabric wings for shoes

9. Once you’ve finished one wing, hold it against the other to mark the hole positions.

10. Punch holes and insert eyelets as before.

How to sew fabric wings for shoes

Lace your shoes with your wings and now you are ready to fly!

Green shoes with blue fabric wings How to sew fabric wings for shoes

Conveniently this size wing fits on to a child size sneaker perfectly (although Emma’s sneaks have fixed elastic laces, so crafty fail!)

kids sneakers with blue fabric wings How to sew fabric wings for shoes

I’m so loving my lace-ups even more now that they have shoe wings.


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