How To Make Yarn Doll Hair

An easy tutorial explaining how to make doll hair from yarn. Ideally suited for adding hair to rag dolls and other homemade soft toys.

How to crochet Yarn Doll Hair

I thought I’d share my little impromptu project to upgrade Emma’s doll ‘Memma’, who was badly in need of a new hairstyle and sadly a little bit neglected.

Emma loves Jemima from Play School and I had some dark brown yarn laying around that was ideally suited to a Jemima hair style on our little rag doll.

Instead of sewing the yarn together, I used a very basic crochet stitch to create a sort of little wig from the yarn and create a central part in the yarn hair.

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How to crochet Yarn Doll Hair

You will need:

  • Large Book or piece of cardboard
  • Brown Yarn – or yarn in hair colour of choice
  • Crochet hook (sized between 4mm to 6mm)
  • Needle and thread

How to Make Yarn Hair for a doll:

How to crochet Yarn Doll Hair

1. Wrap the yarn around a large book or cardboard piece to create an even layer of yarn. T

Note: If you would like longer hair, use a large piece of cardboard to wrap yarn around. The longer the wrap, the longer your finished hair length. For fuller coverage use more yarn.
Try mixing yarns for interesting colour or textural effects.

2. Use a crochet hook, and with some extra yarn, crochet a tight slip stitch across the centre to create a part and hold the strands together. I did this on the top and bottom of the book then cut the ends.

3. Securely hand sew along the centre part on to the doll scalp.

4. Style the yarn hair in to two side pony tails and tie them off with yarn.  Then stitch the ponytails in place to secure the hairstyle. Longer yarn hair can be styled with plaits if desired.

Memma has been renamed Jemima and is getting is getting lots of cuddles, that’s a crafting win in my eyes. Now I have to to something about her awfully garish wardrobe!


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