Let’s Talk about Mending

In this day and age where it’s seems easier to just go out and buy new things rather than repairing what we already have, mending is becoming a lost art.

With the rise of fast fashion and built in obsolescence, fixing what’s broken can seem unnecessary and in some cases, due to intentional design, physically impossible.

But for many people, including me, mending is more than just the physical act of patching and repairing, it’s a conscious decision to appreciate the value of what we have, reject the constant pressure to consume and to celebrate the fact that we have the power and skills to make something broken, whole again.

Paul and Paula Melbourne studio

This week I popped into visit my friend Kirstin Steger of Paul & Paula, who hand makes the most amazing clothes for kids from a little studio in Melbourne.

Inspired by #MenditMay, a movement championed by Jen Gale of My Make Do and Mend Life, Kirstin has offered mending services for damaged and worn out children’s clothing at her workshop to help educate her local community about mending.

She doesn’t just patch that ripped knee, she’ll also show you how to do it so you can apply those new skills to all your garment that need mending at home.

I had a great chat with Kerstin about mending and made a little film for you to enjoy. I hope it inspires you to get mending too. I’m so enjoying making little movies, tell me what you think.

You’ll hear lots of trams rattling past in the background, because Melbourne! Saving up for a little mic for my camera, so hopefully the next film will have better sound quality.

Paul and Paula Melbourne studio

Paul and Paula Melbourne studio

If you are in Melbourne’s north, pop into Kerstin’s studio shop in Preston.

Paul & Paula
60 Gilbert road, Preston.
Wed 10:30- 2:30pm and Thurs from 10-4pm
She’ll be mending for the month of May

Buy her awesome handmade clothing online or on Etsy

paul & Paula studio preston

More Mending inspiration, resources and tutorials:

Now I’m off to find something that needs mending!


  • Trish says:

    I loved the video. For me it was a visual kick in the bum. Duh it’s actually easier and quicker to mend the jeans than wait for the kids to be willing to go shopping for new jeans plus some new jeans are frayed anyway. So from now on I mend the jeans, jogging pants, sweaters and save myself time, money and frustration. Thanks. Trish

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