Listen & Be Good Printable Reward Chart

printable reward chart Listen & Be Good
I have a rambunctious four year old, sometimes she is delightful, most of the time she is challenging. She’s four, it’s her job I suppose. After a year of resisting (even though it was recommended) I’ve implemented a reward chart. Turns out the stick method doesn’t really work with Emma, it also makes this household a stressful yelly full of drama place, so we are trying the carrot instead. Most of the charts I found online were quite specific with days or chores, I wanted something very simple because I don’t ask for much – just listen and be good.

I’ve created my own printable reward chart, go ahead and print yourself out a copy if you think it may work for you.

Click on the image to download
lo res reward chart printable

Emma’s carrot is, getting to play on the iPad for a little while, or an ice cream, her choice. iPad and ice cream are the only thing that will motivate the kid to do anything, so rather than use them as a bribe (which was really a prize for seeing how quickly mum could be worn down) I’m hoping she’ll appreciate them more as a reward. Ideally some of the behaviour that earns a stamp will stick around, well we can only hope.
Every time she listens to me and does what I ask first time round, she gets a stamp. Ten stamps = one reward. Pretty easy right? We’ll see.
So far so good, although she asked where the iPad was several times today, so it may take a few days for her to understand the system.
printable reward chart Listen & Be Good
Also another quite amusing happening after the chart went up was watching Emma’s problem solving skills going into over drive to find a loop hole. KID LOGIC: If I stamps all the circles, I can get a reward right now! She felt a little cheated when I told her it’s not how that works.

One chart on her bedroom door, where she sticks her artwork, and another on the fridge.
Now it’s up to me to follow thought. Wish me luck!
printable reward chart Listen & Be Good behaviour chart
printable reward chart Listen & Be Good


  • Kim Werker says:

    Our three-year-old has been asking for presents lately. Daily. We can’t figure out why, but it’s starting to drive us nuts, and we’ve been puzzling through how to make it so he understands that presents are for special occasions. I’ve been thinking about introducing him to *earning*, and maybe a rewards chart is exactly the thing to do it. For us, it’s also a “listen and be good” kind of thing. Maybe we’ll give your chart a shot. Thank you for sharing it!

  • Elyse says:

    Listen and be good – I love it! I have a three year old who also needs…..encouraging? I tried the “fantastic chart” for a while and it worked a treat;

    I am afraid I have slipped a little now and in desperation have turned to an “Earn a Sylvanian Families daddy bunny” chart with a giant bunny and lots of circles to put stickers on. She is always trying to slip in a couple of extra stickers….

  • This is delightful and just what I need for my kids. Thank you!

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