Making something from nothing – Patchwork

I can finally reveal the fruits of my labor during Emma’s nap times last week, (the little quilt above was gifted yesterday).
I’ve been sewing a lot… because… Emma’s behavior has been a little challenging of late and I have lost my cool on numerous occasions. To calm my frayed nerves I have let my ‘domestic duties’ and online commitments take a back seat and retreated to my sewing room. Yes, I’ve been sewing my little heart out.

It’s been a little while since I’ve felt so satisfied with something I’ve made, I used only materials from my stash and just scraps for the tops. The blue quilt was made primarily from the business shirts that Mr Man ‘explodes’ Incredible Hulk style.
I like the idea that quilts should be made from unwanted pieces of clothing and scraps that would have gone into landfill. I mean isn’t that the original idea behind patchwork and quilting, to make something out of nothing?


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