Making something from nothing – Patchwork

Baby quilt made from shirt

I can finally reveal the fruits of my labor during Emma’s nap times last week, (the little quilt above was gifted yesterday).

I’ve been sewing a lot… because… Emma’s behavior has been a little challenging of late and I have lost my cool on numerous occasions. To calm my frayed nerves I have let my ‘domestic duties’ and online commitments take a back seat and retreated to my sewing room. Yes, I’ve been sewing my little heart out.

It’s been a little while since I’ve felt so satisfied with something I’ve made, I used only materials from my stash and just scraps for the tops. The blue quilt was made primarily from the business shirts that Mr Man ‘explodes’ Incredible Hulk style.

vintage fabric lion quilt

I like the idea that quilts should be made from unwanted pieces of clothing and scraps that would have gone into landfill. I mean isn’t that the original idea behind patchwork and quilting, to make something out of nothing?

VIntage fabric floral baby quilt


  • leslie says:

    awesome, cinti! these are fabulous. x

  • ::The Beetle Shack:: says:

    excellent work. Nothing better than leave what 'needs' doing in a conventional sense and doing what actually 'needs' doing- nourishing ourselves. I might to taht today!

    Thanks for the inspiration

    xo em

  • Anabella says:

    Estan preciosos!! Ojala supiera hacer eso!! Algún día haré algun cursillo de patchwork. Estos son los más bonitos y originales que he visto en mucho tiempo. Otra cosa que me encantaría es saber escribir en inglés como tu!! Algún día…

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