Vintage Camp Blanket iPad Cover + Cute Sew-On Patches

Did you collect patches as a kid? I had a few from school ‘walk-a-thons’ (remember when they were a thing), although I was more a pin girl. I was allowed one enameled souvenir pin on every family road trip and still have them all. If you are after an Echuca or Dog on a Tuckerbox pin, I’ve totally got you covered.

Vintage sew on patch ipad cover

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed that sew-on patches and pins, AKA ‘flair’, are back in a big way but with a modern twist. It got me thinking about patches sewn onto camp blankets and totally inspired this Vintage Camp Blanket iPad Cover project I created exclusively for Frankie.

Vintage sew on patch ipad cover DIY

I’ve been finding pretty cute vintage patches at the op-shops lately and have amassed quite a collection. I’ve got a big project in mind for them, but am still on the lookout for one key material that I’m finding a little elusive.

If you want to make your own Vintage Camp Blanket Tablet Cosy you can get the instructions HERE on the Frankie website.

Looking for some cute patches but your thrifting skills are a bit lacklustre? There are heaps on Etsy that are sure to be ‘totally you’.

I’ve rounded up a collection that I think represents me. Now should I sew them onto a denim jacket or backpack? – Sellers are linked below.

A collection of sew on patches - buyers guide

Contains Etsy affiliate links.

Jet Setter – I’m always day dreaming about my next trip.

Totoro – Brings back memories of my trip to Japan and the Ghibli Museum.

Heart Eye Emoji – I think it’s the emoji that I use the most.

Capsule – Because I’m a Pharmacist, or as some of my family joke, a ‘pill pusher’.

Succulent Society – Succulents are the only plants that I don’t kill.

Evil Eye – to ward off malevolent blog comments.

Ravenclaw – It’s the house I identify with.

Fried Egg – Reminds me of my very own walking, talking fried egg.

Starfleet Badge – ‘Cos I’m a Star Trek nerd from way back.

OK, now it’s your turn. If you had to chose patches to represent you, what would they be?

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