How To: Cross Stitch Chair

cross stitch chair upcycle makeover

One curbside find + an idea + three days of stitching = my favourite craft project ever.
There is something so satisfying about finding a discarded object, giving it some special attention and turning it into something covetable. Apart from my time, this project cost me nothing at all. I had all the supplies left over from other projects, which is the best kind of crafting I think.
Here is how I made it…

I found this beautiful hand woven cane web chair on the side of the road, it was nice and solid but a little weathered. I gave the wood a light sand with some fine sandpaper and a light coat of danish oil.
Danish oil is a lovely alternative to varnish as it conditions the wood and gives a lovely silky satin finish, as well as bringing out the woods natural colour.

restore an old wicker chair cross stitch

Using some yarn I marked out the center line of the weave on both the seat and back of the chair to help me center the design.
The cross stitch technique was exactly the same as that used for a tapestry canvas, being conscious to keep the back of the stitching as tidy as possible.

Here is what the back of the stitching looks like, as you can see I haven’t used any knots to fasten the yarn, but rather let the stitching itself hold the loose ends securely.

Beautiful wicker cane chair

Some close ups…

cross stitch cane detail chair
colourful cane chair cross stitch

and the final reveal. Ta da!

Restored cane chair cross stitch
Beautiful wicker cane chair thonet

Do you love it? I love it. A LOT!

Have you ever restored a road side find?


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