12 Covetable Hand Dyed Yarns


12 Covetable Hand Dyed Yarns - mypoppet.com.au

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After I started knitting it was obvious that my desire for collecting vintage fabric would need no make way for a new obsession – Yarn!

Over the past couple of years my stash has grown to include all sorts of yarn, because it’s fun to experiment with different materials as my skills develop, but there is one type of yarn that I covet most of all – Hand Dyed Yarn.

Hand Dyed Yarn is my new obsession. Such beautiful vibrant colours with speckles and stripes, I just want to squish my face right into it. That’s not super weird is it?

I’m no yarn snob. I’ll use any sort of yarn, including acrylic when it’s fit for the project I’m making, but there is something about the perfect imperfection of hand dyed yarn that I love. It’s the hand-made touch and skill that goes into creating something unique I guess.

The hardest part about using hand dyed yarns is actually using it! With such special (and more expensive) yarn, it’s hard for me to commit to making a project with it. I’m constantly waiting for the perfect pattern to use for.

Does this happen to you too?

It’s something I need to get over. No point saving things for best, because we can’t enjoy it when we’re gone.

I do this with fabric also – that first cut into special fabric is always the hardest. At least with yarn it can be unraveled and re-knit.

Where to find Hand Dyed Yarns – Etsy of course!

I’ve been drooling over the gorgeous variety of hand dyed yarns from Etsy sellers all over the world, and have rounded up my 12 most covetable yarn picks for you to drool over too. You’re welcome.

I naturally gravitate to speckled and variegated dyed effects because it’s a look that is unique to small batch hand dyed yarn. Also it’s fun!

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