25 Scrap Yarn Projects to use up all those bits of Leftover Yarn

Do you have scraps of yarn left over after your knitted or crochet projects, or a basket full of half used balls of yarn? Here are some great ideas for scrap yarn projects to use up even the smallest pieces of yarn and make something useful.

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Regular readers will know that I love scrapbusting!

Be it fabric scraps or yarn scraps, using up little leftover bits of craft materials that may have otherwise been destined for the bin is my absolute favourite type of crafting.

I love being thrifty and using the yarn I have on hand, so no matter what kind of project I have in mind, I’ll always reach for my scrap yarn first.

Why you should make Projects with Scrap Yarn

1. You’ll save money

Using up yarns from your stash is free, so it’s the perfect money saving craft project to keep you busy right now.

2. Encourages you to be creative

Having limited yarn to work with will encourage you to get creative. Mix and match colours, adding stripes or colourwork patterns to use up short yarn pieces always ends with interesting results that you may not have planned for if you had full balls of yarn to choose from.

3. Clears clutter and frees up storage space

It’s amazing how quickly yarn scraps accumulate. Making a concerted effort to use scrap yarn in projects will help you free up storage space to help de-clutter your home (or make room for new yarn).  We all know that shopping for new yarn is fun, but you’ll feel less guilty buying more yarn if you don’t have a giant stash of yarn scraps!

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4. Reduces waste and is environmentally responsible

Using yarn you have on hand will always be more environmentally friendly than buying new yarn (no matter how organic or ethically produced it is). Diverting scraps from landfill to make something useful like a rug or basket (and not having to buy that product new), is a very tangible way to reduce our consumption and carbon footprint.

5. It’s addictive!

Once you get hooked on scrapbusting you won’t go back. I find scrap yarn projects really fun and satisfying. I’ve made so many that I’m almost out of scraps. If you are keen to increase your stash of scrap yarn for some of the bigger projects featured, ask friends or family if they have yarn they want to get rid of, or look for scrap yarn bags at your local thrift store.

6. So many uses

Scrap yarn can be used in so many ways. I’ve rounded up a list of 25 projects just to get you started. As expected, there are the usual knit and crochet scrappy projects – big and small. But you’ll also find that scrap yarn is great for latch hook craft, making rag rags with, using for kids craft, and you can even recycle small scraps and recycle it into brand new handspun yarn!

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Scrap Yarn Project Ideas - 25 Interesting ways to use up leftover yarn

If you are looking for some practical ideas for how to use up that big pile of yarn scraps, I've got you sorted.

Here are 25 leftover yarn projects that you can weave, crochet, knit, spin, stitch and more. There's some great ideas for crafters of any ability, including some cute kids yarn craft ideas.

I hope I’ve inspired you with some scrapbusting yarn project ideas.

Leave me a comment with what you’ve made from your yarn scraps.


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