DIY Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Craft this easy to make felt Christmas tree ornament that will add a homemade touch to your festive decor.

how to make a felt christmas tree ornament

“Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

Such pleasure do you bring me”

Evergreen trees have been hugely celebrated since time began by a wide variety of cultures, and have long been associated with the Winter solstice.

Wishing I knew more about the people who lived long before me, it gives me a happy feeling to discover that many of our current traditions have been practiced by our past ancestors for millennia.

Now, let us continue the celebration of the evergreen, by making our own little felt Christmas tree ornaments.

Very easy to make from just a few scraps of felt, these little handmade Christmas decorations are sure to become a keepsake.

Only minimal hand sewing is required, so this would also be a suitable project for kids to practice their sewing skills.

If you want to whip up a big batch of felt Christmas ornaments to give as gifts, you could also sew the one seam required on a sewing machine.

Hang your tree ornaments anywhere to add some festive cheer.

If you are hanging them on your Christmas tree, you may wish to use brightly coloured felt to contrast with your green Christmas tree branches

DIY felt Christmas tree ornaments

These felt tree ornaments also stand up well on their own. You may choose to not include a hanging string and instead use them to decorate your mantelpiece or make a tablescape.

You could really go to town with this idea and make a village, or a grove of these little trees.

How to Make a cute Little Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Felt Christmas Tree decoration

You will need:

  • Green felt sheet
  • Small pom poms
  • Sequins
  • 20cm elastic cord (or yarn)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle and thread
  • Dressmakers pin

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How to:

1. Print the tree template at 100%, and cut it out with paper scissors.

Xmas Tree Felt Craft Ornament

2. Pin the tree template onto the felt and cut around the paper template, with fabric scissors. Repeat, to cut two felt tree pieces in total.

Xmas Tree Felt Craft Ornament

3. Fold a piece of elastic cord (or yarn) and knot the ends together to make a hanging loop for your felt Christmas tree ornament.

Xmas Tree Felt Craft Ornament

4. Layer the two felt pieces together. Stitch along the vertical centre line. Stitch the hanging loop into the top (apex) between the tree pieces.

Xmas Tree Felt Craft Ornament

5. Open out the tree sides evenly. From above the tree should look like a cross.

Xmas Tree Felt Craft Ornament

6. Heat up the glue gun. Glue the small pom poms and sequins to all sides of the tree.

Xmas Tree Felt Craft Ornament

All done! Now your handmade felt Christmas tree ornament is ready to hang.

felt christmas ornament craft

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