Egg-cellent Fried Egg Costume

How to Make a Fried Egg Costume
Warning: The following post contains and egg-cessive amount of egg puns. Those of you that egg-hibit egg sensitivities may want to look away.

It was book week at Emma’s school, the brief was to dress up as something that started with the first letter of your name – of course Emma went as an egg because it was an egg-ceptional egg-cuse for punny egg jokes, and I find this blog to be sorely lacking in egg based humor.

If you want to make a fried egg costume of your own for Halloween or a party, read on, the instructions are pun free. I’ll stop yolking around now before you get ovum it.

How to make an Egg Costume

Egg costume supplies

You will need:

  • White tracksuit fleece or polar fleece – see below for how to calculate mount needed. I used 2m of 150cm width fabric but could have gotten away with less as my egg was very big.
  • Yellow jersey fabric – 50cm length
  • Polyester wadding/batting about 40x40cm
  • Jersey/Stretch sewing needle
  • Yellow and white thread
  • Sewing machine (and serger/overlocker optional)
  • Circle template – I used a waste paper basket
  • General sewing supplies
  • Garment that fits the wearer

How much fabric will I need?

It depends on the fabric width. You’ll need to measure the length of your body (or that of your child) and that will indicate the length you need to purchase (with a little extra). If the fabric is wide, just purchase one body length (as you can get front and back from it). If the fabric is too narrow to make a front and back, you’ll need to purchase 2 x body lengths.

How to:

Note on sewing: Stretch/Jersey needle is recommended to avoid skipped stitches. Serger can be used on side seams and to finish cuff, collar and hem. If you don’t have a serger, use a narrow and short zig zag stitch on your regular sewing machine.


How to make an egg costume for Halloween

1. Fold fabric in half (horizontal axis) so there are two layers (this will be the front and the back), then fold again (on vertical axis) so fabric is now 4 layers.

2. Lay a garment that fits your child over the top of the fabric, aligning the center fold with the center of the garment. This will help you determine size of the neck hole, width and length.

3. Using garment as a guide cut a roughly oval semicircle shape – See image above.

How to make an egg costume for Halloween

4. When you unfold your fabric you should have a front and back that looks like this. Trim neck hole on front fabric panel a little bit deeper than the back panel neckline.

How to make an egg costume for Halloween

5. To make the yolk, use a large round object to trace a circle onto the yellow fabric.

6. Trim a piece of wadding a little smaller than the yellow circle.

7. Sandwich the wadding between the front panel and the yolk circle. All fabrics should be facing right side up. Pin to center of front.

8. Using a zig zag stitch and yellow thread. Sew around edge of yolk to applique to front panel.


How to make an egg costume for Halloween

9. With front and back panels (right sided of fabric facing, ie, wrong side of fabric is out) sew top of shoulder seams, leave a space for hands, and sew sides. Leave bottom open.

You can stop here if you are happy with how it looks or aren’t confident to add cuffs, hem and neckline on a stretch fabric.
Just zig zag or fold over hem the raw edges so they don’t fray.


The following is not a beginner technique, but if you are willing to give it a go – Yay! I’ve not covered it in full but will link to other online tutes that explain it better if you are interested.

 How to Make a Fried Egg Costume - adding cuffs

To make the cuffs:
9. Cut 2 rectangular pieces, (Length = circumference of sleeve hole, Width = double desired width of cuff) + seam allowances.

10. Fold lengthwise, right sides facing and sew along short side, You should have a loop of fabric.

11. Fold in half with right sides out.

12. Pin to the  outside of the sleeve hole with raw edges lining up. Sew around outer edge taking care to remove pins as you go.

How to Make a Fried Egg Costume

13. When turned out this is what cuff should look like.

How to Make a Fried Egg Costume

How to Make a Fried Egg Costume

14. Use same technique for hem and collar, adjusting length and width of rectangle accordingly.
Here is some further instructions for attaching ribbed bands: To a neckline, to make cuffs, to a waist band.

How to Make a Fried Egg Costume -

Egg-cellent, are you egg-cited about your finished egg? It’s certainly a lot of fun to make and even more fun to wear.

Emma didn’t want to take it off and because it’s egg-streamly warm and fleecy, she wears it like a snuggy in the evenings.

How to Make a Fried Egg Costume

Oh and did you notice how egg-sactly Emma’s egg matches our kitchen wallpaper?

How to make an egg costume for Halloween

Some fun Egg Costume ideas and variations would be:

  • Devilled Egg – Just add a devil horn headband.
  • Egg and Bacon – Would make a great couples costume.
  • Egg and Kevin Bacon – For all you Footloose fans out there. Hehe!

How to Make a Fried Egg Costume

Have fun! I hope you have an egg-ceptional day wearing your egg costume!



How to make an Egg Costume for Halloween -

First published – Aug 2015, Updated – Oct 2018


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