How To: Look after your Swedish Clogs

How to care for wooden clogs - Clog maintenance -

The sun was shining yesterday so I was excited to wear my favorite sandals, these cute pair of handmade wooden soled Swedish clogs. But after a winter of wear (with socks), they needed a little bit of TLC.

So I got to work…

You will need:

  • Some medium/fine grade sandpaper
  • Olive oil
  • Cotton rag

How to care for wooden clogs - Clog maintenance -

How to:

  1. Sand any marks off the wooden sole, then wipe away any dust.
  2. Dab your cloth in olive oil and gently rub into the wood and the leather.

The olive oil will nourish and darken the wood and leather and help protect from damp.

How to care for wooden clogs - Clog maintenance -

All done!

Now my sandals look brand new, and with regular care, will last for many years to come. Bring on summer!


  • Amanda says:

    Hi Cinti,
    I love these clogs! Where can you buy them in Melbourne?

  • Kate says:

    Love these – off to online shop!

  • Miss Cinti - my poppet says:

    FYI, the brand is Swedish Hasbeens. Totally a non sponsored post but I must say they are great.
    Shipped from Sweden in less than a week!

    Sometimes they do free shipping which is when I got mine.

  • Jody Pearl says:

    Thankyou so much for the heads-up on theses sandals – I'm always on the look out for good-looking, comfy sandals as my feet need as much help as possible to look good…would you say they're a wide fitting?!

  • ejorpin says:

    Thanks for this post – lately I've developed a bit of an addiction to wooden soled shoes and I've been wondering what to do to make them last, so this is perfect!

  • Judy says:

    Wow….olive oil ! thanks for this awesome tip.

  • handmade romance says:

    awesome! this has been on my mind recently too so thanks for the tip x

  • jen lavery says:

    I think its better to use a nourishing oil made for leather. Olive oil will eventually turn rancid and smell.

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