12 Gift Ideas for Crafty Mamas this Mother’s Day

Is there a crafty woman in your life the deserves a special gift this Mother’s Day? No need to search high and low, ‘cos I’ve got you covered with this Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Mums that love to craft.

Etsy has a gorgeous and unique range of handmade and vintage items and I’ve rounded up 12 gift ideas with a crafty twist. I guarantee that every craft loving Mum, Nanna, Wife, Aunt, Sister, Girlfriend or Bestie will love these.

Trust Etsy Makers to make with makers in mind. From wearable tokens of affection for yarn and sewing, to gorgeous one of a kind needle books, these gifts are sure to be used, worn and appreciated for years to come.

If your mum loves to sew, knit, stitch or crochet, I guarantee that the tools and craft accessories in this Crafty Themed Mother’s Day Gift Guide will delight.

Who am I kidding, I want them all for myself! My recommendation for receiving the perfect Mother’s Day Gift is to skip the middle man and place your own order. (I’m absolutely in love with the Mother of Pearl handled scissors).

12 Crafty Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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  • Priscilla says:

    These are wonderful ideas for Mothers Day gifts! I think my favorite is the project bag. My most memorable Mother’s Day gift was a horrible necklace I made for my mum when I was about 10. It was made out of stinky, chopped vegetables that I strung together with needle and thread. My mother was a trooper and wore it to work the next day!

    • Helene B Croteau says:

      The best mother’s day is when I gave my mom, a gift for the three time, first time I gave a flower bonquet in a vase in needlepoint for Mother’s day…she gave it back to …I made it for her and gave it to her for christmas….she gave it back to me…I got it frame and gave it for Mother’s Day…it is still hangs on the wall..and she still tells the story to the ones who do not know…She calls it that is flowers my daughter gave me three times.

  • Samantha says:

    Gorgeous suggestions which I will pass along to my daughter with hints for the mother of pearl scissors or the gold measuring tape bangle. But I really need to say a big THANK YOU for reminding me that I’ve been meaning to buy my own mother a yarn bowl. Now I have mother’s day sorted 🙂

  • rebecca says:

    My most memorable mothers day gift was a handmade mug I made and hand painted t school for her in the 2nd grade. She still has it somewhere in the cupboard and used it even though it was hideous. 🙂

  • Rebecca says:

    I still have on my fridge the present from my eldest daughter from when she was 8. It’s a photo of her holding a whiteboard, and on the whiteboard is written “I love my mum because she’s funny, has a great sense of style and always finds a way to make me smile”. I hope through her cranky, “Mum’s so embarrassing” teenage years I’ll look at that and remember the little girl who thought I was so stylish 🙂

  • Simone says:

    I remember my dad taking me to pick something out for Mother’s Day. I found a beautiful China doll and my dad said are you sure it’s for mum and not you. Secretly I wanted it for me. I said no mum will love it. I always found it easier to shop for myself ha ha
    Mums always love gifts from their babies

  • Julie Duncan says:

    My most memorable Mother’s Day present was just last year.… A beautiful ornamental pear tree in a pot. My family replanted in one of my large antique zinc containers and planted Chinese Star Jasmine around the base. It has grown at least 50 cm in the last 12 months and colours of the leaves are now starting to turn with the onset of autumn. I love it!

  • Joanne Martens says:

    In Year 1 (way back in the day), I gave my mother a metal coat hanger, artfully adorned with hand painted cardboard. What a lucky mum! And yes…she still has it ❤️

  • Laura says:

    My very first Mother’s Day. My son had been born just two days before, I felt like the luckiest person ever. He gifted me a beautiful ring that I wear everyday, although he still proclaims it wasn’t he who gave it to me as he was just a baby!

  • Ange says:

    My most memorable Mother’s Day was my very first one as a mother. I had a six week old baby girl and was very much looking forward to a day of spoiling, or at the very least, some sort of acknowledgment of the horrible time I had been having recently. My husband on the other hand, felt that Mother’s Day had come around too quickly for him and though it would be okay if he just got me a present or or something in a few weeks time…when HE was ready! Being a first-time (cranky) mother to a (cranky) newborn, this was an instant way to add to the crankiness! I think I didn’t speak to him for the next day, but he did redeem himself.
    He bought me a lovely bracelet with a tiny baby shoe charm with a pink gem. On the sole of this tiny shoe was engraved my daughter’s date of birth. A truly touching gesture from a man that usually doesn’t have it in him to make such an effort!
    A very memorable Mother’s Day gift indeed!

  • Emma says:

    My most memorable Mother’s day gift was carefully cooked and prepared when I was 5 or 6 years old. I was attempting to do the classic breakfast in bed as I had seen that being done on T.V. As I was walking in to my parent’s bedroom I somehow managed to trip over nothing and poor Mum ended up wearing her breakfast. Our border collie, Pip, was the first to respond to the disaster, snapping up the blueberry pancakes and running away.

  • Sonia Velez says:

    My favorite Mother’s day gift was actually a father’s day gift also. I got divorced from an abusive man and I worried about how I was going to take care of my 4 children by myself. I worked in an insurance company 12 hours a day and I took in sewing in the evenings. When I came home, I would take the kids to the movies or things for school. I was always so tired and I felt guilty until I got a card for mother’s day from the kids telling me how much they appreciated and loved me. They knew I was trying my best and the card said Happy Mothers and Fathers day for I was both to them. I cried. I am so blessed with my kids. I was able to get all four of them through college and now I’m retired.

  • Liz says:

    Most memorable and still giving today.m: I have a photo frame created by my eldest daughter. The frame is decorated with pasta and sharp plastic shapes… which come off as soon as touched, and are found by feet, usually mine. It is over four years now and the frame is still shedding little hard bits. My daughter adores it so it must remain on display (and is frequently touched and moved).

    I’m hoping it will lose all remaining loose parts soon.

  • MaryB says:

    My most memorable Mother’s Day gift was actually a letter I wrote to my mom a few years before her death. We had a sad family life as I was growing up as there was a lot of abuse in our family. After I was an adult, my parents divorced. It was a hard life for my beautiful mom. In this letter, I poured my heart out, telling her how much she meant to me, how much I admired her, and how much I loved her. I put the letter in a beautiful but inexpensive little box. My mom told me this was the most wonderful gift she had ever received. I miss her every day and I am so thankful that I wrote that letter to her.

  • Kristy says:

    My dad gave my mum a shovel handle once. Not a shovel, just the wooden handle. You can imagine her reaction to this day he doesn’t understand what is wrong with that present. (If by chance I win my mum will obviously be getting the voucher because…shovel handle!)

  • Louise says:

    What beautiful comments and lovely memories. I remember being very vocal about flowers in a vase. I love flowers they are my bit of heaven inside when my legs won’t work. I thought my hint had took root. Unfortunately not. I had 27 milk bottles with milk printed on the front. The children were so excited to give me these empty glass milk bottles. I just couldn’t hurt their feelings so I waxed lyrical about them. I must have gone over the top about them as I received another 27 for my birthday. Any idea what to do with 54 milk bottles short of breaking them across my partners head.

  • Kylie says:

    My most memorable mother’s day was actually before my twins were born, almost eight years ago.

    I was pregnant at the time when I received a card written by my husband pretending to be my unborn twins saying how much they loved me and were so excited to meet me. I also got another card from my husband saying how proud he was of watching me become a mother. I then spent the day out for lunch bonding with my mother in law (cooked by my husband). It was the perfect day celebrating my journey to become a mother.

    Each year since they were born has just gotten better and better x

  • Bridget says:

    When growing up (I think I was about 7), we didn’t have much money and I kept asking what mum wanted more than anything else and she kept going, “a new house” – and we couldn’t afford that as a family; but I made her a house out of a shoe box, constructed out of my best box making skills, with a slated roof and garden bed made out of newspaper scrunched up in to balls and painted green like shrubs. Mum cried with joy when I gave it to her and she still has it to this day. Just a way that mum fostered our way to be creative and craft making skills – she is good like that!!

  • Meaghan says:

    My favourite mother’s day present is a drawing of me and Holli with a frame made of cardboard and buttons, it’s the first handmade present from kinder by my eldest Holliava

  • Nicole says:

    I got an awesome gift that my son bought home from preschool. It is a stick person, made of sticks sticky taped together. Then there is a paper circle stuck to the neck, where he has drawn my face. I also have an assortment of yarn for hair. It seriously reminds me of something out of the Blair Witch Project. I call it voodoo Mummy!

  • freda says:

    The first year that we were married. My “new” daughters picked out a jewelry box for me. The sales lady later told me how excited they were. And how much they wanted me to like it. It is not my style at all, but I love it.

  • Julie says:

    When my youngest “a daughter” was 8, my husband planned a spa day for the two of us. With a limo ride from our house to Indianapolis. It was a four hour spa day with a manicure, a pedicure, new hairdo and a massage for both of us. With the limo ride home. But the best part of the day was during the massages, she giggled thru the whole thing. It has been 20 years this mothers day and I can still hear her giggling.

  • kerry says:

    My daughters first year at school. Having made Mothers Day gifts at school, she presented me with mine.
    A beautufl handmade card, her hand print on the front.
    Inside it read…..
    I love Mum…..because she gets me the glue from the top of the fridge !!!

    Now 27, I had it framed 😀 ha ha

  • Diane Schulert says:

    I had to go through breast cancer treatment, and then leukemia FROM the breast cancer treatment while pregnant. I lost the baby, went into a coma, and very nearly died. The infectious disease doc at Karmanos Cancer Institute told me they had me on every antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic they could think of, but a day or two before I died, my body just “kicked back in”. I give the Lord Jesus Christ for all the glory! I had to learn to walk again and write my name. Then I needed a bone marrow transplant. They found ONE person out of almost 5 million that matched me! Again, glory to God! I had the tranplant and survived, but still desperately wanted a baby. After a long trial (another story), we were led to a teeny tiny 11 pound 7 month old infant in Vietnam. We bonded and became a family. I developed and still have a condition called Bronchiolitis Obliterans which means the bone marrow that came into my body recognized it wasn’t in the correct body so it attacked my lungs,…among other things. I have 30% lung capacity. I told my daughter I might be going to heaven a lot sooner than her or her dad, and one night, when she was 4 yo, she said to me out of the blue “Mama, guess who Daddy’s going to marry when you die?” Shocked, I choked out who??? And she gets this big, silly smile on her face, points to herself and ssys Me! I laughed and laughed at what she said,…but she has been the absolute JOY in our life. My husband says if we hadn’t already named her, Joy would be perfect for her. Anyway, when she was 6 years old, her Daddy. Ought a blank book for her to fill in. Here is an example of this book I read monthly! The book says,…And she bakes such delicious desserts that I’ll do anything to have one more bite. And she wrote chotlate cake, lemone merage, key lime pie, strawberry fluff and lots MORE! And her hugs have magical powers. She wrote, hugs + power = nice, cumacashon (communication), water, rainbows, color, music! And the last page says, She can heal any hurt faster than anything I know. Heal!
    Th@ is the most precious Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever gotten because of the thoughts and writing that went into it! I can hardly believe I’m 52 now, but these past 11 years have been the best of my life because of this girl the Lord God gave to my husband and me!

  • Karina says:

    I got a soggy piece of toast with puncture holes in it but thats okay. It’s the though that counts and it was the best my 3 year old could do! She’s not very good at spreading butter!

  • Crystal Garcia says:

    My memorable mother’s day gift was when my hubby blessed me with a diy jewelry pallet organizer. I had wanted something to show off all my jewelry cause the three jewelry boxes weren’t working anymore. He finally did it and got very creative. He is not a diy person lol. I love to so much it turned out beautifully!!

  • Valerie says:

    My favorite Mother’s day gift were the brown paper bags containing a wonderful handmade gift by my children when they were in elementary school. It was pure delight when I picked them up from school with each one holding a special bag just for me. They are wonderful memories that I cherish forever!

  • Anorina says:

    So many great mothers day gift ideas. One which has stuck in my mind was a gift from my sone when he was in around year 2 or year 3. One of those little lights that you keep on your keyring. Squeeze it and it lights up so you can find the door keyhole. He really wanted it for himself, so bought it for me, for mothers day, knowing that he could play with it himself.

  • Candy says:

    One Mother’s Day when I was a kid, I decided to make scones to bring my mom breakfast in bed. I wasn’t sure what “oil” meant in the scone recipe, so I used an Italian oil salad dressing. My scones came out tasting terrible, but my mom thanked me for thinking of her and bringing her breakfast anyway!

  • Ginny Brennan says:

    My most memorable Mother’s Day gift was a clay heart necklace on string my oldest son made me, when he was is preschool. I saved it and gave it to his wife when they got married. Every gift was special.

  • Mary Quinn says:

    When I was younger (I am 58 now) my grandmother would do a lot of embroidery on gingham and make aprons. She worked with me to attempt to make one for my mom. It was traditional for them to be black gingham with white embroidery floss. Probably the most crooked and lopsided apron that I ever made but she still wore it every time she cooked or baked. Although the fabric is pretty worn and the thread thinned out we still have it put away in the old cedar chest.

  • Raku says:

    My most memorable mother’s day gift was from my husband(then fiance). I was 19, pregnant, and sitting at home in our apartment with “morning sickness” that seemed to last all day. My husband’s dad was visiting and they had gone out to eat something like sushi, which I obviously couldn’t have. When he got home it was late, he had had a great time and he handed me a red rose. Then he said, “Happy Mother’s Day. I got this for free from a guy on the street.” What a day.

  • katie says:

    So many touching and meaningful gifts already posted here… mine just celebrates the random hilarity that my children bring to my life. Last year, Mr 8 gave me an origami heart he had made with the following words lovingly written on it… “Dear Mum, I love you so much. Even when you are being sarcastic” 🙂

  • Jodie Moss says:

    My mum was an amazing single mum and us kids saved yo buy her chocolates for mother’s day. The four of us kids sat there with her in bed and ate them all – poor thing I think she was only left with one of two of the ones we didn’t like,

  • Jade says:

    My most memorable mother’s day was a very simple one. My father was out of town on business so it was only my Mom & I to spend the day together. We usually went to a nice lunch/dinner for mother’s day but I was only a little high school kid at the time so I didn’t have the money nor the automotive ability to drive my mom anywhere special. So to make the day special I had to be as resourceful as possible. I looked through endless cookbooks and tutorials online. I wanted to put together the classiest, prettiest mother daughter picnic I could muster up when I had a budget of about zero dollars. I learned how to fold a bunch of pattern paper to make little takeout boxes and scoured our pantry for anything that could create a nice treat for the two of us to share. I baked Mexican wedding cookies (my mom’s absolute favorite), I cut up little veggies and tried to make a fancy platter out of simple ham and cheese. I packed up a blanket and an old paper umbrella and told my mom to drive to the park (it’s pretty hard to keep it a surprise when you can’t drive the person to the location). I ran to a picnic table under the trees before my mom could get there and set up the picnic. We ate ham sandwiches and tea when a restaurant near by started playing live music. I hadn’t seen my mom smile like that in a long time. It was such a stress free day, no rushing of everyday life. The shady trees and waterfront picnic served as a lovely backdrop to the picnic. I was worried mother’s day would get lost in our daily routine but the day felt very memorable. Though it was only the two of us, we made the most of it. And my mother being the great gal she is, took me to get the two of us homemade popcorn right after. The perfect end to a delightful day. Now she wants a mother’s day picnic every year.

  • Terri says:

    My Daughter when she was 8 decorated a mdf purse for me . She painted it purple , it has flowers painted on it and sparkly gemstones. I have it hanging in my new craft room on the light switch so every time I go in there I see it. Great memories.

  • Meagan says:

    I can clearly remember picking Mum some roses from our rose garden to put on the breakfast tray my sisters and I had made her on mothers day when I was about 8 (I’m the eldest). We were so proud of the breakfast tray, even though all its had on it was toast and a cup of tea as we were not yet trusted in the kitchen to making anything other than toast. We’d cleared out the cupboard and put all the spreads and jams we had in the house on the tray as well so mum could choose a special topping.

    Mum loved the tray and the rose sat by her bedside for the rest of the week.

  • Carrie I Martin says:

    My most memorable Mother’s Day gift was my Mother’s Ring. I had always wanted to have one like my mom. I thought her’s was the most beautiful I had ever seen and I always asked to wear it. When I met my Mother In Law, I noticed she had the same style ring. I was thrilled when my husband and boys ordered mine and it matched them! I will always wear it with pride, and it made both mom and MIL cry that I was so glad to share something like that.

  • Linda Hagen says:

    When my son was 5, he made me a painted macaroni necklace to wear to church services.
    He had carefully painted each noodle and arranged them so that I would have a beautiful blue and yellow necklace (my two favorite colors.) He did an amazing job of alternating the colored noodles and tying the string he put them on. The only problem was he made the necklace to small, it would not go over my head. So instead of a necklace, I wore a blue and yellow macaroni CROWN to church services.

  • Karina says:

    My daughter gave me a squashed flower she found on the side of the road.

  • Alison says:

    Three years ago, we found out my mum had a brain tumor and she had multiple surgeries and as such, couldn’t remember who I was when visiting. On Mothers day while visiting my mum in hospital, for the first time in many months she knew who I was and I was able to have a nice conversation with her. I will never forget the day when I got my mum back

  • Kim says:

    Very slowly over a few years I crocheted many granny squares, in many colours, often with my grandma watching me at home. She moved back to her home country for the last few years of her life. I continued crocheting, and was finally able to connect the squares into a blanket to bring her for her 90th birthday. She was worried to actually use it but always had it somewhere close by to see all the colours, leaving a piece of myself when I had to go back home. My mother and I were with her for her final days and she passed away with us sleeping beside her. During the sadness and preparations, I didn’t know what to do with the blanket, torn between leaving it in my Aunty’s home (our family home overseas) or bringing it back to Australia. I decided to unpick and divide it. A part left to rest with grandma. A part to leave and frame in my Aunty’s house. A part to bring home. About a month later it was Mother’s Day. With another part of the blanket, I made a cushion for my mum. I always like handmade, and while I can be a very slow crafter, the time and effort is so worth it. To have a bright piece of grandma in our home.

  • Karen says:

    My husband took my boys to the shops and they each chose a gift.
    One chose a delightful cardigan, from the little girls section.
    One chose some chocolates, another a scarf and the last one bought
    himself a pair of shoes. Even wrapped them up for me. Was hilarious. Figured
    he needed them and it would save me buying them for him.
    He was only 7.

  • Molly says:

    Some of these are so touching! My most memorable was the jig saw my husband gave me. I know he wanted power tools to be his domain/hobby as “dad,” so it meant a lot that he set that aside and got me my coveted jig saw. Haha. Every crafty mom’s dream.

  • Merryl Chantrell says:

    My most memorable Mother’s Day was my very first Mother’s Day on Sunday 8th May 1977.
    My first child a daughter we called Sarah was born on Wednesday 4th May 1977.

  • Tiffany Lynott says:

    The best motherrs day gift I ever received was 12 years ago. My daughter’s were 1 & 7. It was one of those cards you can record your voice. They recorded “Happy mother’s day we love you mommy” It seems silly but I guess the reason I love it is because it still works. I can open that card today & hear them. 💖

  • Francesca says:

    Great selections! I particularly like the measuring tape bracelet 😊.
    I don’t have children, but I once made my mother a mother’s day gift out of a long coral necklace that had belonged to my aunt. It was the type full of natural shapes, which i used to form words saying “thank you for being my mother “, stuck on to coloured card. I also stuck on more shaped bits plus fake pearls to make flowers 😊. And used a pretty frame I found in a charity bazaar which had a bit of damage which I camouflaged and prettified with more pearls and coral. I was a broke student🙄. She loved it. It hung near her bed till she passed. I still have it.

  • Heather E says:

    My daughter is only 2 so no fun stories of my own yet. I was always a crafty kid and my mom received lots of handmade gifts over the years. She was always grateful and displayed them with pride, but one stands out. When I was a teenager I made a collage art piece of an apple (her kitchen was apple themed). The apple was made of seed beads. She’s moved on from the country decor, but the apple collage is still hanging in the kitchen.

  • Helene B Croteau says:

    The best mother’s day is when I gave my mom, a gift for the three time, first time I gave a flower bonquet in a vase in needlepoint for Mother’s day…she gave it back to …I made it for her and gave it to her for christmas….she gave it back to me…I got it frame and gave it for Mother’s Day…it is still hangs on the wall..and she still tells the story to the ones who do not know…She calls it that is flowers my daughter gave me three times.

  • Ria says:

    The best mothers day gift was chocolates…. we’ve never really celebrated Mothers day because my kids think i get 2 special days a year one being my birthday… so it was a lovely surprise when I got chocolates……

  • Cecilia Agraz says:

    The most memorable mother’s day was when I was in primary school and I made my mom a handmade booklet of “coupon tickets.” There was a massage ticket, home-made breakfast-in-bed ticket, make your bed ticket, piano performance ticket, and lots more! I even had a “pollinate” ticket! I grew up on a farm and part of the farm tending was pollinating the tomato plants. Long story short, we help the bees out and pollinate the little flowers on the plants so they can keep growing more fruit!
    Anyways, my mom was so excited about the booklet she used all the coupons on that same day! We made a delicious breakfast consisting of pancakes and fresh squeezed orange juice from the oranges my mom and I picked that morning. She was so kind, rather than me making breakfast alone, we made it together and then ate it in her bed!! I thought that was the coolest thing.
    Afterwards she used her “make your bed” ticket but again, she helped me make her bed. 🙂 And then you can guess what happened after that.. a massage in the newly made bed – which turned into a tickle war! That was followed by a plethora of Christmas songs played by me on the piano (Those were my favorite songs to play even in the middle of summer)!

    We ended up spending the whole day together and our activities were guided by the booklet coupons I made her. It really was the perfect day because rather than giving her an item, I gifted her an experience. I thought it was so awesome how even though the tickets were things that I would do for my mom, it ended up being things we did as mother-daughter. I will never forget those sweet moments with my mom.

    Thank you for posting so much awesome content by the way. 🙂 You seem like an awesome mom yourself!!

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