Paper Cup Easter Baskets

Make a Mini Easter Basket from Paper Cups
Easter is only a couple of weeks away, and the supermarket aisles seem to be laden with chocolate temptations. I couldn’t resist and had to buy some cute Easter treats, purely for crafting purposes of course! I can’t reveal how many chocolate eggs were consumed during the making of these Paper Cup Easter Baskets.

I’ve always tried to create projects that use the materials I have at hand, It’s amazing the cute stuff you can create with just items from your kitchen cupboards and stationary supply drawer. If you have some unused paper cups left over from a party, this would be the perfect project for the kids to make and give to their friends filled with Easter treats.

You will need:

Paper cup
Washi tape or decorative fabric tapes (You could also draw or paint on the cups)
Drinking straw
Pipe cleaner (Chenille Stick)
Awl, hole puncher or something pointy to make a hole with (I’ve used the end of pointy tweezers)
To Fill: Shredded paper or tissue paper, and treats
Mini easter basket supplies

How to:

Decorate paper cup with Washi Tape
1. Decorate your cup as desired. You can really get creative with stickers, paint or anything you have at hand.
Making a mini basket from a paper cup
2. Punch 2 holes near the rim of the cup, make sure they are directly opposite each other. Tip: If you are doing this as a kids craft activity, pre-punch the holes before decorating to save time.
Diy Mini Easter Baskets from Paper cups
3. Cut drinking straw to a length slightly smaller than the cup diameter.
thread straw through pipecleaner
4. Thread straw through pipe cleaner to make the top of the handle.
Paper Cup Easter Baskets
5. Feed ends of pipe cleaner handle through holes and twist to fasten. Trim any excess pipe cleaner length.
 Diy Mini Easter Baskets from Paper cups
All done! Now just fill with Easter treats, (if there are any left after all that hard work!)
Diy Mini Easter Baskets from Paper cups
Diy Mini Easter Baskets from Paper cups


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