10 Easter Crafts for Kids to Make

Are this kids counting down the days till the Easter Bunny arrives? I know my kiddo (who is 10, but still conveniently believes in the Easter Bunny) certainly is!

Easter Crafts for kids - Easy easter craft ideas - mypoppet.com.au

Whether you celebrate Easter’s religious meaning, or just enjoy the opportunity to spend a relaxing few days with the family; the week leading up to Easter is a great time to sit down and make some Easter crafts with the kids.

I’ve rounded up 10 easy-to-make Easter Craft projects that can be made with inexpensive craft supplies. There are craft ideas here that can be made with recycled egg cartons, paper cups and even buttons. Fire up the printer and print off some fun Easter craft activities to keep the kids entertained this week.

Children of all ages can enjoy all of these Easter crafts for kids, with just a little adult guidance.

Time to get crafting!

1. Easter Bunny Gift Box

Easter bunny gift box title image

How cute is this little Bunny Face Gift Box? It’s very easy to make with only the simplest of craft supplies, even for the youngest of kids. Fill it with chocolate treats and give as a gift, or use it to store special treasures all year round.

Get the full instructions here – DIY Easter Bunny Gift Box

2. Print & Colour Easter Basket

Kids Craft: Print & Color Easter Basket - mypoppet.com.au

Kids of all ages will love decorating this colour-in printable basket. It’s so easy to put together that older kids can assemble it themselves with minimal grown-up help.

Get the full instructions here – Print & Colour Easter Basket

3. Bunny Bunting Printable Garland

Collage showing the steps required to make a Easter Bunny Garland - mypoppet.com.au

This simple Easter garland is super decorative and requires no special crafting skills or supplies. Just print off the cute rabbit faces, cut them out, punch a few holes and string together.

Get the full instructions here – Printable Bunny Garland

4. Decoupage Easter Eggs

decoupage easter eggs kids easter craft - mypoppet.com.au

A very easy Easter craft project for children of all ages. Get the kids involved with every stage, including tearing up pieces of tissue paper and gluing the design onto the eggs. The finished eggs look lovely in a bowl and would make a pretty center piece for your Easter table.

Get the full instructions here – Decoupage Easter Eggs

5. Easter Egg Button Art

Easter Egg Button Art -mypoppet.com.au

This colourful button DIY project will make the perfect decor accessory for your Easter celebrations. (It’s also a great way to use that big jar of buttons you’ve been squirreling away for years.)

Get the full instructions here – Easter Egg Button Art

6. Paper Cup Easter Baskets

Make a Mini Easter Basket from Paper Cups

If you have some unused paper cups left over from a party, these little Easter Baskets would be the perfect project for the kids to make and give to their friends filled with Easter treats.

Get the full instructions here – Paper Cup Easter Baskets

7. Printable Easter Glasses

Printable easter glasses

What a fun idea from Picklebums.com! These Crazy Easter Glasses are sure to be a hit on Easter morning, they may even help the kids find all those hidden eggs during their Easter egg hunt.

Get the full instructions here – Printable Easter Glasses

8. Easter Egg Scratch Art

 Easter Egg Scratch art

A fun art project by The Craft Train. Scratch away the black paint to reveal rainbow colours underneath. No need to buy pre-made scratch cards, this tutorial teaches you how to make them yourself.

Get the full instructions here – Easter Egg Scratch Art

9. Pop-Up Easter Puppets

Easter Puppets by Laughing Kids Learn

These cute little bunny and chick puppets not only look fun to make, but I imagine they will provide hours of entertainment for the kids well after Easter has passed.

Get the full instructions here – Pop-Up Easter Puppets

10. Egg Carton Chick Mask

Egg carton mask

I love a craft project that uses the humble egg carton. What a great idea to make little chick masks from them. Kids will love gluing on the feathers.

Get the full instructions here – Egg Carton Chick Masks

Need some last-minute Easter Craft Supplies? This post has some great product ideas.

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