How to make Bat Wings for Halloween Costumes

How to make Bat wings Kids Halloween costume -

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume idea that is quick and easy to make and won’t cost a fortune? I’ve got you covered with my DIY Bat Wings. Suited to both kids and adults, these bat wings can be made to any size with my handy instructions!

Wear them to your next Halloween Party! I’ve got some great Halloween Party Ideas in the video below – Read the blog post Halloween Party Ideas


One Pair of Bat Wings – 3 Halloween Costume Ideas

These bat wings are the cutest and so fun to wear. Best of all they are really versatile too. A regular black pair of bat wings can be used for multiple Halloween costumes.

Here are some ‘how to wear’ ideas from readers that have made my DIY Bat Wings for their own kids over the past few years.

VAMPIRE BAT – Wear black Bat wings over black clothing for an instant Bat costume that the kids will love. Draw on some Vampire teeth like this cute kiddo from Little Hiccups for an instant Vampire Bat upgrade.

Diy vampire bat halloween costume -

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BATMAN/BATGIRL – If your kid is more the superhero type, these Bat wings make the perfect addition to a DIY Batman Costume just like Craftsmumship has done here.

How to make wings for Batman costume -

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DRAGON – Make them in green and add a tail and you’ve got a Dragon costume sorted.

Halloween DIY dragon costume -

More Halloween Costume Ideas:

Don’t just save these wings for Halloween, these bat wings are fun for imaginative play and are the perfect addition to any dress up box.

Emma had a great time wearing these Bat Wings and got several years use out of them. They are worn like a shrug so there is no dangerous ties or which can get caught and cause a choking hazard.

Halloween costume DIY Bat wings -

DIY halloween Bat costume.

Only minimal sewing is required, and with a few simple measurements that I’ll explain below, you can make these in around half an hour. The best fabric to use is a stretchy lycra like the style used for dance costumes.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can stitch the main seams by hand. Only one seam is required so it’s not too taxing.

Halloween costume DIY Bat wings -

These wings can be made for a child or adult if you adjust your measurements accordingly. Only a little math is required to work out how much fabric you will need to start off with.

How To make Bat Wings

How to make Bat WIngs Halloween Costume -

You will need:

  • Black stretchy fabric (lycra/spandex with 2-way stretch is best for movement and it doesn’t fray)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • needle and black thread for hand sewing
  • sewing machine with ball point needle if machine sewing

Measurements required:

You will need the following measurements to draft your bat wings.

A  = the wing span

B = the finished length

C = fabric allowance for sleeve, measure around widest part of arm

D = shoulder allowance for cutting in step 2.

Bat wing measurement chart

Amount of fabric required:

Width = arm span from wrist to wrist ( ). If your fabric isn’t very stretchy give it and extra inch or two for added movement.
Length = back of neck to waist (B) + half circumference around widest part of arm (C)

How to make Bat WIngs Halloween Costume -

How to:

1. Fold fabric in half, to halve the width (half of A) – The fold will be the center back. Fold over sleeve allowance C and mark the top of centre back.

How to make Bat WIngs Halloween Costume -

2. Cut out semicircle from centre back as wide as measurement D. D is the measurement from center back to shoulders. The bottom of the semicircle should be the length B, where you previously placed a mark in step 1.

How to make Bat WIngs Halloween Costume -

3. Fold over your sleeve again and cut out scallops for bat wing shape.

How to make Bat WIngs Halloween Costume -

4. This is how it should look when the bat wings are unfolded.

How to make Bat WIngs Halloween Costume -

5. Fold over the sleeve allowance C and sew where indicated. You can hand stitch or machine sew. If machine sewing I recommend using a zig zag stitch to allow the fabric to stretch.

How to make Bat WIngs Halloween Costume -

How to make Bat WIngs Halloween Costume -

Wear the wings like a shrug over some black clothing and get ready to scare the neighbours. Boo!

DIY bat wings - how to make instructions -

Halloween costume DIY Bat wings -


Easy Halloween Costume Idea DIY Bat Wings -

 How to make bat wings for Halloween costume -


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