How to make a Bunny Pillowcase

How to make a Bunny Pillowcase

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Easter has sneaked up on me this year. I’m so not ready for the inevitable chocolate egg binge that awaits us, but what I can’t get enough of is Cute Bunny Crafts. I could happily see bunnies pics all year long and not get tired of them one bit.

If you are looking for something fun to make and give this Easter I’ve got the perfect project for you. This Bunny Pillowcase can be enjoyed all year round and hardly involves any sewing at all. I’ve used an existing pillow case and jazzed it up a bit. If you don’t have a sewing machine, this project is easy to hand stitch so there is no excuse not to make one. Matching ‘His and Hers’ would look so cute on a double bed.

Choose whatever pillowcase pattern suits your style. I’ve chosen a vintage floral to match Emma’s vintage bed linen, but a plain colour or a geometric design would give this a modern edge.

You will need:

bunny pillowcase for easter supplies

  • Standard Pillowcase (I’ve used a vintage floral one – get a similar one here)
  • 2 Copies of Pattern Template – Download here
  • Co-coordinating cotton fabric (a Fat Quarter is plenty)
  • Felt square
  • Embroidery floss to match felt
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery hoop (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine (optional)
  • General sewing supplies

How to make a Bunny Pillowcase:

To make Bunny Ears

1.Print out 2 copies of Pattern Template and cut out outer ear shapes. To use flip one over so they mirror each other. TIP – template is A4 size, choose print at 100%

2. Fold fabric in half and pin both ear patterns onto double layer of fabric.bunny pillow diy steps

3. Cut out adding a 1cm (1/2″) seam allowance around the ear shapes.

4. With right sides of fabric facing, sew around edge with 1cm seam allowance, leave bottom open. If you don’t have a sewing machine this can be hand stitched.

5. Clip curves.

6. Turn right side out and press.

Assembly of Bunny Pillowcase

bunny face printable template

7. From pattern cut out 2 eye circles and cross for mouth. Pin on felt and cut with no seam allowance.

bunny pillow pin

8. Pin face onto pillowcase and position ears about 4″ from edges.

Bunny pillowcase DIY steps

9. Turn bottom of ears inside and hand stitch onto top of pillowcase.

10. With embroidery thread, use a running stitch to sew on felt face features.

DIY bunny rabbit pillowcase

All done! How easy was that.

DIY Bunny Pillow

Looks super cute in Emma’s room. I made it for her as a surprise and she squealed when she saw it.

DIY Bunny Pillow

It can be used as an everyday pillowcase, just flip it over to the plain side for sleeping.

DIY Bunny Rabbit Pillow

DIY Bunny Rabbit Pillow

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