Modern Crochet Advent Calendar Pattern

The countdown to Christmas is on! Why not make it a family affair with this colourful Crochet Advent Calendar. It has lots of little pockets that can be filled with festive treats, which I’m sure the kids will love!

Crochet advent calendar pattern -

This free Advent Calendar Crochet Pattern is a collaboration with American Yarns

I love using non-traditional colours to decorate for Christmas. As soon as I set eyes on Fair Isle, a brand new yarn range from American yarns, I knew an advent calendar project was the perfect way to showcase the lovely ombre colour story of this collection.

It’s always tricky choosing and combining yarn colours. So it’s nice that someone else has done all the hard work and put together some really attractive colour combinations in the Fair Isle Liberty Craft Colors collection.

fair isle yarn -

I chose the ‘Flora’ colour story for my project, but American Yarns stocks 8 different colour combinations ranging from fairly subdued palettes, to neon brights.

The yarns come in a reusable tube (which is great for storing knitting needles in), and contains 6 x 30g balls of medium weight acrylic yarn. Perfect for craft projects which require small amounts of assorted colours.

fair isle yarn in tube -

The attractive packaging also makes this yarn a great gift for a crafty friend this Christmas.

With some clever pattern design, I ensured that each ball was enough to make four advent calendar pockets. Multiply that by 6 colours and you have 24 days in your Christmas countdown.

Advent calendar pockets

I considered crocheting the numbers, but in the end decided that felt numbers look much sleeker. To make it easier, I’ve also included a printable number template to make cutting out your felt numbers a breeze.

The back of the advent calendar was made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn. A great all rounder that goes a long way with a big 200g ball.

This was a really fun project to make, and because it’s basically a big rectangle and some little squares, even new crocheters will find this pattern quite easy.

Crochet advent calendar pattern

Don’t feel limited to my colour selection. Feel free to choose a colour story that coordinates with your decor or personality.

Match the colours in each row for an ombre effect, or mix up your coloured pocket for a more eclectic design.

If you don’t crochet but are handy with a sewing machine, I’ve also designed a fabric Advent Calendar wall hanging that you can make.

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Modern Advent Calendar Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

Modern Ombre Crochet advent calendar pattern -

Finished size (unblocked): length 70cm (27.5″), width 45cm (17.8″)

To make this Advent Calendar Wall Hanging

balls of yarn

You will need:

Crochet Stitches used (US terminology):

  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet

Advent Calendar Crochet Pattern instructions:

Gauge 10x10cm (4″x4″) sq = 14st x 16 rows in sc

Pocket Pattern

Make 4 pockets from each colour ball of Fair Isle yarn. 24 pockets in total.

Each finished pocket should measure 9.5cm (3 3/4″) wide and 8.5cm (3 1/4″) tall. Each pocket is 12 st x 13 rows.

Square is worked flat, back and forth. First ch in every row does not count as a stitch.

Crochet squares

Set up row – ch 13

R1 – work 1 sc into 2nd stitch in chain, then work 1 sc into each ch. (12st)

R2 – R13 – ch, turn, work 1 sc into each stitch. (12st)

Break yarn and weave in ends.

Tip: to ensure you have enough yarn for all 4 pockets from the first ball, don’t break off yarn between pockets but add a stitch marker to hold the last loop in each pocket. Once all 4 pockets are completed, cut yarn and weave in ends.

24 crochet squares

Reserve remaining yarn for sewing.

Backing Panel Pattern

Advent calendar wall hanging pattern

Set up row – ch 67

R1 – work 1 sc into 2nd stitch in chain, then work 1 sc into each ch. (66st)

R2 – R124 – ch, turn, work 1 sc into each stitch. (66st) (or until length measures 68cm/27″)

Break yarn and weave in ends.


Advent calendar crochet pattern -

1. Cut out numbers from coloured felt. Mix and match colours as desired.

Advent calendar crochet pattern -

Tip: Add a small dab of gluestick to the back of paper number template to keep it steady when cutting.

Advent calendar crochet pattern -

2. Arrange felt numbers on crochet pocket squares and glue on with quick dry craft glue. Weigh down under a heavy book to flatten and allow to dry. Set aside.

Advent calendar crochet pattern -

3. Make sleeves for wooden dowels. Folding over about 3 rows along top and bottom of shortest sides of backing panel and stitch.

Modern Advent calendar crochet pattern -

4. Line up pockets with even spacing and pin in place. Sew on to backing panel with matching yarn colours.

Advent calendar crochet pattern -

5. Screw in eye screws to ends of top dowel. Slide dowels through top and bottom sleeves.

crochet chain -

6. Make hanging cord. With 2 strands of yarn held together, crochet a 46cm (18″) chain. Secure ends to eye screws.

Modern Ombre Crochet advent calendar pattern -

All done! Ready to hang, fill with treats! Although you may need to ration them out in case a mischievous elf decides to work through the calendar early.

Modern Ombre Crochet advent calendar pattern -

If you don’t fancy the kids starting off the day all sugared up, consider adding some non-candy treats.

Some advent calendar ideas include:

  • Stickers
  • Small toys
  • Activity coupons
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Jewellery
  • Hair accessories
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Stationery, pens, erasers
  • Lip gloss

Another fun way to countdown the days to Christmas is just using a marker (like a bookmark), and sliding it across to the next pocket every morning.

Crochet advent calendar pattern

I hope you enjoy making this festive crochet project, and enjoying it with your family for many years to come.

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This post was originally published in Nov 2019

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