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Kids Craft- DIY soft toy

Kids Craft: DIY Soft Toy


Here’s a fun and easy project that you can make together with your kids, DIY Soft Toys. They will love creating their own unique designs for themselves or as a special gift to a friend. Even with basic sewing skills these stuffed toys are easy to make. Sadly I accidentally deleted the step-by-step photos, but hopefully the instructions are clear…

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How to make a Kokedama Hanging Plant

How to Make a Kokedama Hanging Plant


If you’ve fallen for the growing indoor plant trend, here is a fun little project that will add even more greenery to your home – How to make a Kokedama Hanging Plant. “What’s a Kokedama?” you ask. Good question. Kokedama literally translates to ‘moss ball’ in Japanese, it’s an alternative way to grow indoor or outdoor plants without a pot….

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