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6 wet felting tutorials to try - mypoppet.com.au

6 Wet Felting Projects I’d Like to Try


Making felt from wool fibre is a magical thing. You start with a masses of soft fluffy roving that resemble fairy floss, and through the wonderful process of felting, the fibres that once barely touched each other are bonded for life in a strong compact fabric. It’s quite the transformation. I’ve enjoyed the craft of needle felting for many years…

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How to make: Melt and pour soap

How to Make: Melt-and-Pour Soap


Have you ever tried making soap? It looks really fun and they make wonderful gifts. This soap making project is by Michelle Mackintosh from her new book Care Packages. Making soap the traditional way is a bit of a tricky business, and not a suitable activity for children due to the use of caustic soda. However, making soap from a…

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Mend it May - Knee patch instructions

Let’s Talk about Mending


In this day and age where it’s seems easier to just go out and buy new things rather than repairing what we already have, mending is becoming a lost art. With the rise of fast fashion and built in obsolescence, fixing what’s broken can seem unnecessary and in some cases, due to intentional design, physically impossible. But for many people,…

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